“I have not YET begun to fight!”

– Captain John Paul Jones

Learn the Workout | Take the Challenge

1 Lap

38 Pushups

38 Squats

38 Situps

…As many sets as you can in 38 minutes

Create your own 38 Challenge

Make The 38 Challenge your own by modifying the workout to best fit you. As long as you use 38 in your workout, you are honoring Matt’s legacy. Here are some example variations to get you started:

Weight | Add an extra 38 lbs to the last set of your workout

Reps | Perform 38 reps of your favorite exercise (bench press, dead lift, etc.)

Time | Bike, swim or run for 38 minutes

These are just some examples of how you can participate in The 38 Challenge. Customize the workout using the criteria above and be sure to share it with us on Instagram @the38challenge

The 38 Challenge honors fallen heroes like Matt Brewer, ensuring that their legacies will live on. The 38 Challenge has one common goal: to endure 38 minutes of suffering to protect the livelihoods of the warriors who protect us. Do your part to honor their memory and fight for their future. Sign up for The 38 Challenge today and join us on August 8th for challenge day!

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